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Home >> Whole House FM Transmitter Customer Feedback

Whole House FM Transmitter Customer Feedback

Article Date: March 7, 2015

From a hearing impaired customer
I received the Whole-House FM Transmitter yesterday and absoutely love it. I bought it because I have some hearing loss and also like to listen to the TV while I am doing housework, working in the yard, etc. I have tried several different "TV listeners," but none have much range, have a lot of interference and, worst of all, have the receiver in large headsets.

When I watch TV with the family, I do not want the volume to be so high that it is uncomfortable for my family. And I cannot stand to wear those big headsets. They are uncomfortable (no matter what they say about comfort) and even worse, cut out all other sound. I like to hear what is going on and be able to carry on a conversation while listening to TV.

With the Whole-House FM Transmitter, all these problems are solved. I use a small FM radio as a receiver and use earbuds. And the reception is fantastic! I can prepare dinner, clean the patio, sweep the floor or whatever anywhere on my property and still hear the TV. I can carry on a conversation with my family while watching TV.

Whole-House FM Transmitter

I realize that they sell this for other reasons, but as a TV listener, it is perfect - much better and less expensive than the items they sell for this purpose. All the TV listener devices have NiCad batteries and the receiver in the headsets, so there are expensive, hard-to-find batteries to replace. With the Whole-House FM Transmitter, replacement of the AAAs in my FM radio is easy and inexpensive.

I'm so glad that I found the Whole-House FM Transmitter. And finding Swiss Valley as a source is a real extra.

Thank you again, Barbara, for such great service! - D.W., California

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