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Our Very Popular Step-by-Step How-To Videos

Article Date: March 5, 2014
25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes
How to Get Out of Debt
How to Clean a Dryer Vent 3:51 Minutes
How to Remove Scratches from any DVD or CD 2:10 Minutes
How to Fix a Messy Closet 7:16 Minutes
How to Play the Piano by Ear
Easy Steps to Organize Your Office 5:53 Minutes
How to Diagnose Dishwasher Problems 2:35 Minutes
How to Fold a Suit, Pants & Shirt to Go in a Suitcase Without Wrinkling 2:30 Minutes
How to Lose Two Pounds Per Week 1:47 Minutes
How to Make Swiss Rösti 3:22 Minutes
How to Stop a Kitchen Fire—No.1 Cause of Home Fires 5:39 Minutes
How to Safely Select, Adjust + Care for a Bike 7:24 Minutes
How to Fix a Running Toilet 2:35 Minutes
How to Fold a T-Shirt in One Move 30 Seconds
How to Peel a Kiwi with a Spoon 33 Seconds
How to Create a Free Website
How to Make a Chocolate Cake Without Butter, Eggs or Milk
How to Speed Up Your Blackberry 5:43 Minutes
How to Create a Web Page for Beginners 6:34 Minutes
How to Keep Avocados from Turning Brown 3:56 Minutes
How to Grow an Herb Garden Indoors 3:21 Minutes
How to Repair an Air Conditioner 2:52 Minutes
How to Track a Stolen Laptop + More 2:52 Minutes
How to Turn a Strawberry into a Rose Garnish 2:14 Minutes
How to Please Any Picky Eater with Healthy Nutrients 5:43 Minutes
How to Choose Healthy Foods that Help You Lose Weight 1:53 Minutes
How to Turn Used Electronics into Cash 2:13 Minutes
How to Lose Weight with Five Secret Tips 1:56 Minutes
How to Tie a Full Windsor Knot 3:02 Minutes
How to Give God First Place in Your Life
How to Clean Your Dishwasher 2:05 Minutes
How to Benefit from Worry
How to Grow 20 Sq Ft of Veggies in 4 Sq Ft of Space 7:56 Minutes
How to Help a Returning Veteran 14:55 Minutes
How to Declutter Your Home 3:10 Minutes
How to Fix a Clogged Sink 5:30 Minutes
How to Save Air Conditioning Costs and Repairs 2:04 Minutes
How to Get Christians to Vote 1:31 Minutes
How to Grow Upside Down Tomatoes 3:46 Minutes
How the Internet Works 3:22 Minutes
How to Get Organized Cheap 1:39 Minutes
How to Root Plants from Cuttings 10:51 Minutes
How to Survive a Mass Shooting 5:56 Minutes
How to Shop a Farmers' Market 2:06 Minutes
How to Clean a Wood Cutting Board 3:05 Minutes
How to Shuck Corn the Fastest, Easiest Way 48 Seconds
How to Clean Your Coffee Maker 1:31 Minutes
How to Separate an Egg Using a Bottle 3:18 Minutes

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